Week 9

This week got into more types of web design but also focused on a very specific form of design, fonts. Many of the websites provided this week included recommended fonts to use for inspiration (like this or this).  Some of the sites also went into the ways that fonts can be orginized in effective ways, in a way expanding on the header concepts previously explored.

Another piece the reading went into is using grids for page design, one site provided plenty of examples of grids that could be used.  This part of the reading was used as a basis for one of the assignments this week, which had us create a grid for our final project.  For my project, I presented this.

Another part of the teaching was a video from adobe called “5 Principles of Interaction Design“.  This video went very in depth about the importance of making sure your website is easily navigable.  The titular 5 concepts spoken of were Consistent (keeping everything from changing to drastically), Viability (making sure the viewer has all the information they are supposed to have), Learnability (making it easy for the viewer to figure out your site), Predictability (helping the viewer expect what they will find), and Feedback (letting the audience decide what they like and they don’t).

One of the bigger events this week was the design document, which required us to put together a collection of concepts to present for the final project, using different pieces such as a flowchart, storyboards, and the project profiler we worked on last week.  It can be seen here.


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